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The Wing Foil Series has a dihedral shape (V-shape) with exceptional aerodynamics for advanced surf- and SUP foil riding in all conditions.


  • One strut performance freeride foil wing
  • Suitable for all riding levels and disciplines
  • V-Shape with deep profile for maximum power development
  • Stiff and solid frame construction with high-end materials
  • Integrated handles for best grip adjustment and control



The Wing Foil Series is the latest addition to the Eleveight product line up, and a must-have for every avid foil rider. Let’s start by talking specs and features: You are looking at a 4 m performance wing with a dihedral shape (V-shape) – a form similar to the wing design of fighter jets. This shape ensures that the tips don’t touch the water during the ride, slowing you down. It also improves the aerodynamics, which is further enhanced by the high volume leading edge that supplies a stiff frame and deep profile. The whole construction is extremely light and ultra-durable, thanks to the use of superior materials.