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Kitefoil RAVE

Rave AlpineFoil kitefoil - Choice of carbon RTeam wing : Wave 700, Lift 800 or GT 480 + RTeam stabilizer - KF-Box integrated into the mast. Level: intermediate to expert.


For the new season, AlpineFoil is proud to present its very first foil dedicated to CARVING, FREERIDE, FREESTYLE and WAVE.

The RAVE will excel in downhill, tight curve, wave surf, transition and jump. Handling, pop and precision out of the ordinary.

This foil has a 69cm short fuselage ultra manageable and agile. Specially designed to facilitate all maneuvers, the Rave has a particularly homogeneous behavior although player and energetic. Its ease of use will guarantee you extreme sensations and many hours of pleasure.

Its manufacture Made in France will offer you a product of a unique quality, obtained thanks to the 13 years of experience of AlpineFoil in the foils design.

And for proof, the Rave is provided with the best assets of the brand:

  • 100% continuous carbon fiber wings and mast (MCF technology)
  • The box integrated in the continuous carbon fiber mast with two screws for a perfectly rigid connection (MCBox technology)
  • The "S shape" anti-ventilation mast (ACS technology)
  • The high performance RTeam finish for an unparalleled gliding quality
  • A fuselage machined in a single block of aluminum 6061 T6 (used in the aviation field)
  • The FRDS technology that guarantees an optimal flow
  • The sacrificial anode, revolutionary anti-corrosion system, 100% AlpineFoil (SACS technology)

ACS Anti Cavitation System
FRDS Fuselage with Reduced Drag System
MCBox Monobloc Carbon Box
MCF Monobloc continuous Carbon Fiber
SACS Sacrificial Anode anti Corrosion System


This package includes: RTeam carbon Wave wing + RTeam carbon stabilizer + RTeam carbon mast with integrated box matte varnish finish, 5-axis CNC machined aluminum fuselage, sacrificial anode, GIS wedges, stainless steel A4 Torx mounting hardware.

Alpine Foil Kitefoil RAVE

  • Shipping 1-10 Days

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